University Name Event Year Competition Position
Fast University, Karachi ProCom 2019 Bilinguel Debate Competetion 3rd Position
Capital University, Islamabad Excite Cup 2019 Software Project Exhibition 3rd Position
IBA, Karachi Pro Battle 2019 Speed Programming Runner Up
Sindh Madarsatul Islam Imagine Cup 2019 Project Exhibition Select for Final Exhibition held in HEC headquater islamabad
Fast University Islamabad Daira 2019 Speed Programming, Gaming, Debate Runner up in some competitions
NU Fast, Karachi ProCom 2018 Network Competition Winner
NU Fast, Karachi ProCom 2018 Project Exhibition Winner
NU Fast, Karachi ProCom 2018 Graphic Design, Speed Programming, Mobile App Development, Network Design Runner Up
IBA, Karachi ProBattle 2018 Project Exhibition Winner
IBA, Karachi ProBattle 2018 Speed Programming, Data Analysis, Network Design Runner Up
UMT, Lahore ACM ICPC 2017 International Collegiate Programming Contest Secure 1st & 10th Position out of 97 teams from all over Pakistan, Also won 2 fastest problem solver gold medals and qualify for ICPC world final
University of Karachi Karachi University Leadership Conference (KULC) 2017 Student performs in different activities & Competitions related to teamwork, Leadership & Personal Development KIET students got outstanding performance nomination. 200+ participants students from 20+ institute.
IoBM, Karachi Zenith Leadership & Development Conference Karachi 2017 Unlock Game, Ice Breaker, Ad-Making, Cleaning Activity, Bridging, Indoor Activity Won best team award out of 20+ teams
UMT, Lahore ACM ICPC 2016 International Collegiate Programming Contest 11th In Asia Region
UBIT, University of Karachi ProQuest 2016 Speed Programming, Algo Mania, Website Design, Network Design, Logo design, IQuest Won the General Trophy out of 300+ Participants

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) 2017 Winner

acm icpc winner

A two-day “International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)” west asia region was held at Lahore under the auspices of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) which is headquarter at Baylor University, Texas.

More than 80 Teams Participation, Including students of College of Computing & Information Sciences, Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (KIET).

The overall top performance trophy of “ICPC 2017” was awarded to KIET along 2 Gold medals and 3 shields. Team “Binary 01” seen here with President KIET, has been selected to represent Pakistan in ICPC world Final in Biejing, China.