Postgraduate Diploma– Enterprise Resource Planning (PGD-ERP)

The one year PGD-ERP program introduces students to the next generation Management Information Systems (MIS) also known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. The courses build the foundation of software development skills using latest programming and database platforms. Business knowledge is incorporated through management, accounting and business process engineering courses. ERP systems are introduced with focus on the underlying technologies as well. After completing PGD-ERP program, students can opt for one year MSc-ERP program that will focus on the hands on experience on different ERP modules using leading ERP systems.

Year 1

Introduction to Information and comm Technologies 3
Programming Fundamentals 3
ERP Business Process Management & Reengineering 3
Object Oriented Programming 3
ERP Computing Infrastructure 3
Financial Accounting 3
English-III (Official Communication & Report Writing) 3
Database Management Systems 3
Cost & Managerial Accounting 3
ERP Communication Infrastructure 3
ERP Implementation Methodologies 3
ERP Inventory Management 3

Curriculum Structure

AreaCr HrAreaCr Hr
Accounts & Finance 3 Management 3
Social Science 3 Computer Science 6
Enterprise Resource Planning 21    

Degree Structure

Durations 1 Year
Courses 12
Credit Hours 36
Eligibility Bachelors 50% minimum

Location: City Campus
Comprehensive exam is a mandatory requirement. Student must clear this exam to become eligible for the degree. The curriculum structure, duration and scheduling of each degree program are subject to change without notice.