The Guest Speaker Session (GSS) Program offers FREE, regularly scheduled study sessions for traditionally difficult courses. Weekly 50-minute sessions are held using a collaborative learning process. Attend once or attend every session, the choice is up to you, but our data suggests that the more you attend, the higher your final grade will be in the course.

GSS sessions are facilitated by leaders, undergraduate students who have previously taken the course and demonstrated academic competency in the subject area. GSS leaders will share their approach to success in the course and help the groups to review lecture material, work through homework and problem-solving exercises and review for exams.

Guest Speaker Sessions

Topic Guest Name Designation Organization
SQL Injection & Prevention Hassan Ali Manager Software Jubilee Life
Arrays / Game Development Waqar Software Engineer HOM
Machine Learning Model Evaluation for Real World Problems Owais Ahmed Team Lead Interactive Health Solution
Agile Project Development Raja Muhammad Senior Project Manager Bank Al-Habib Ltd.
Making Image Using Arrays of thermal sensors Usama Ayub Lecturer NED University
Use of Discrete Mathematics in Software Engineering S. Imad UR Rehman SQA Analyst Contour Software
Talk on Career Guidance Javed Akbar Director Engro Corp
Pillars of TE, Methods Muhammad Kamran SQA Analyst & Team Lead Contour Software
Pillars of OOP Zain Farooq Technical Consultant KE
PLD & Intro to VHDL Programming Muhammad Zeeshan Research Associate ICT RnD
Building World Class Technologies Naresh Kumar Cloud Network Analysis Quick Start
Emerging Technologies in DS Bilal Tasneem Manager UBL
Role of Computer in Scientific Research Syed Najmul Haq CEO National Engineering Lab
Islamic Banking System Mufti Irshad A. Aijaz Shariah Scholar Bank Islami
Structure Network Broad Band Routing Mr. Waqar Ahmed IT Manager S.S.G.C (Pvt) Ltd.
High End Data Storage Mr. Shams-ul-Haq Prof. Services Consultant Teradata (Pvt) Ltd.
New Development Technologies form Microsoft  Mr. Zia Khan M.V.P Microsoft Pakistan
Information Security Mr. Taimur Jilal Chief Info. Security Officer Bank Al - Falah
Difference b/w Islamic and Conventional Banking M. Aamir Ehsan Group Manager Credits Allied Bank Ltd.
Revolution of Internet in Pakistan Mr. Asif Nasim Khan Network Manager Dubai Islamic Bank
Scope of software Animation in industry Umair Ahmed Software Engineer ICE Animation (Pvt) Ltd
Career Consuling Communication Ahmed Ali Shirz Software Engineer Tahweel Net
Leadership Development Dr. Tanveer Ahmed C.E.O HANDS
Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation(PAT) Abdul Rafay Qureshi Manager Network Operation Aircom Telecommunication Technology
Information System Security Carrier  Anwar Saleem Kamal Senior Consultant TransLog
Software Quality Issues and Casesses Maaz Ibrahim Quality Consultant Avanza
MIS, Share experience in IT and MIS Abdul Rasheed Meher IT Director High Court of Sindh
Motivation in Islam Shuja-uddin Sheikh Director Quran Academy
Vision Rabia Graib C.E.O C.I.O Pakistan
Virtual Private Networks Muhammad Hussain Head IT infrastructure Pak Suzuki
Juniper Network Muhammad Atif Director Onwire Institute
Google Wave Hammad Arshad Senior Software Engineer Ovrlod (Impact Proximity)